26 May 2019

CPAC 2018: “Overview of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict” panel

Served as a panelist at the American Conservative Union’s annual CPAC conference [Read more…]

Breitbart: CPAC Panel Addresses Misconceptions about Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Excerpts from Breitbart coverage by Adelle Nazarian
of a panel discussion at CPAC 
[Read more…]

i24news: Bloggers Magazine

i24newsInterviewed on i24news for a segment on Israeli business and consumer culture [Read more…]

Jerusalem Post: Voter rolls for municipal races to be decided today

Jerusalem PostInterviewed in The Jerusalem Post for an elections piece by Gil Hoffman

Thursday is the final day for citizens in more than 100 local authorities to ensure they are eligible to vote in the October 22 municipal elections before the Interior Ministry’s voter registration rolls are closed. [Read more…]

Arutz Sheva Radio: Website teaches Americans not to be “Fryers”

Arutz ShevaInterviewed on Arutz Sheva radio’s “Aliyah Revolution” show

By host Goel Jasper, Managing Director of Ruder Finn Israel, and Daniel Esses on their weekly live radio show

Makor Rishon: A New Website Teaches Immigrants Not to Be Fryers

Makor RishonInterviewed for a profile printed as the back page feature in the Israeli daily Makor Rishon by Zvika Klein, which was also mentioned during Israel Army Radio‘s morning show

The new portal helps new Israelis find the best deals and assists them in familiarizing themselves with the depths of bureaucracy in Israel [Read more…]