16 July 2024

Jerusalem Post Op-Ed: CPAC: Where Israel Is an Applause Line – and Much More

Jerusalem PostPublished in The Jerusalem Post


That Israel stands as one of the top policy priorities of American conservatives is a source of inspiration and wonder of biblical proportions. [Read more…]

Jerusalem Post Op-Ed: “Holy-Wood”: A Diplomatic and Financial Fantasy Set in Israel

Jerusalem PostPublished in The Jerusalem Post

“Holy-wood” – the campaign to advance Israel through subsidizing foreign film production in Israel – is a diplomatic and financial fantasy. [Read more…]

Times of Israel Op-Ed: Through the Pro-Israel Looking-Glass

Times of IsraelPublished in The Times of Israel
on 15 July 2015

Can you make “pro-Israel” mean pro-Iran deal? [Read more…]

Jerusalem Post Op-ed: 23 Knesset Seats Is No Victory

Jerusalem PostPublished by The Israel Democracy Institute and The Jerusalem Post; cited in The Christian Science Monitor

Pundits eager to crown a victor in the 2015 elections have lost sight of the fact that winning just one-fifth of the Knesset’s seats is no victory.

[Read more…]

Times of Israel Featured Op-Ed: We Are Not the Same

Times of IsraelPublished as a featured op-ed in The Times of Israel on 7 July 2014 and in the Jewish Voice of Delaware‘s August 2014 edition, recommended by The Weekly Standard on 8 July 2014, cited in the UK’s The Week on 12 July 2014, and showcased on IsraelAnswers.com

In this highly emotional time with so much senseless violence and tears of anguish, we are flush with emotions and some of us are left with a sense of despair and wondering if Israeli society, too, is one that does not value life or have any sense of morality. Though it may seem out of place to say at this time, it must be said: we are not the same. [Read more…]

Jerusalem Post Op-Ed: Do We Really Want Big-Tent Parties?

Jerusalem PostPublished by The Israel Democracy Institute and The Jerusalem Post


Since last Thursday’s announcement that Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu would be merging their lists in advance of January’s elections, political chatter in some corners has been dominated by those swearing off voting Likud. One of the leading voices against the union, moderate Likud Minister Michael Eitan has characterized the initiative as a “mistake,” a harbinger of “extremism,” and “the end of Likud and a threat to democracy.” A Channel 10 snap poll taken shortly after the announcement found that distaste for the merger, at least initially, extends to the average Likudnik with 22% stating they would not vote for the joint list on election day.

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