16 July 2024

Legal Tech Weekly: AI and Legaltech in the Silicon Valley of the Middle East

Legal Tech Weekly logoExcerpts from a profile in Legal Tech Weekly

On a sunny spring day, Legal Tech Weekly visited their headquarters to meet their Director of Marketing and Communications, Yehoshua Oz, for a chat about the innovative spirit of the Israeli people, the role of artificial intelligence in the legal industry, and how to brand a legal tech company.

‍“Necessity is the mother of invention. In a country that famously did not have many resources, we had to rely on developing so many solutions on our own. That forces people to think outside of the box. We are used to being given a situation where limitations are finite and defined, so truthfully, part of the Israeli nature is to burst through those whenever possible. And to ignore the precedent, the limitations and the rules. In breaking those you often make a lot of fabulous things, and I think this quality is something innate in the Israeli nature,” Oz says when asked about what he thinks is the reason for Israel’s success.

However, he does not think that the study is proof that lawyers will become obsolete. “The point of the study was to show the efficiency of the solution and to remind people that tools like LawGeex are not here to replace lawyers but to enhance their work. We see ourselves as allies and partners as we take work off their plate that, not only they shouldn’t be doing, they don’t want to be doing. No lawyer goes into law school saying, “I wanna sit in a room all day reviewing NDAs.” They want to be doing high-level work, reviewing challenging contracts and doing things that push the business forward and add value. They do not want to go line by line in often highly similar NDAs, day-in, day-out. So the study showed that lawyers don’t need to,” Oz explains.

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